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Determining the Correct Size

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Although many women believe they have determined their proper size based upon the overall fit of undergarments, many of us are not wearing the proper size. Experts in the lingerie industry estimate as much as 70% of women are wearing the wrong size because the band and/or cup sizes are not correct. For the correct fit follow these simple steps:


While wearing a bra, wrap a tape measure snugly, but not too tightly, around your rib cage just under the lower edge of your bra. Add 5 inches to that measurement to determine your band size. If this measurement is an odd number, round it up by one inch. To determine your cup size, measure over the fullest part of your bust. The difference between this measurement and the band measurement will give your proper cup size. If the difference is:

1" your cup size is A
2" your cup size is B
3" your cup size is C
4" your cup size is D
5" your cup size is DD (European E)
6" your cup size is DDD (European F)
7" your cup size is F (European G)

If you are still uncertain of your size you should visit a professional fitter. Our flagship store in Boston offers this complementary service. Buying high quality products is only the first step in finding the perfect foundations. A proper fit will ensure your undergarments are comfortable and provide support with smooth clean lines under clothing.

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International Size Conversion Charts

Size Conversion — BRASSIERES

30 65 80 30 1 80
32 70 85 32 2 80
34 75 90 34 3 90
36 80 95 36 4 95
38 85 100 38 5 100
40 90 105 40 6 105
40 90 105 40 6 105
42 95 110 42 7 110
44 100 115 44 8 115
48 105 120 46 N/A 120
N/A 110 125 48 N/A 125

**Italian Conversion. 1=32A-C. 2=34A-C. 3=34C,36A,36B. 4=36B-C.
Click here to view our Italian Bridal lingerie

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Size Conversion — BRIEFS/THONGS

XS 36 38 XS (1) 2 38 (1)
S 38 40 S (2) 3 40 (2)
M 40 42 M (3) 4 42 (3)
L - - - - -
XL 44 46 XL (5) 6 46 (5)
XXL 46 48 XXL (6) 7 48 (6)
XXXL 46 48 XXXL (6) 8 50 (7)

Size Conversion — SLEEPWEAR

XS 2
S 4-6
M 8-10
L 12
XL 14
XXL 16

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Straps fall down. Adjust straps or reduce cup one size if adjusting doesn't work. Buy only adjustable, high quality products and measure your size for the proper fit.
Band slides up. Try a tighter hook and/or loosen the straps. Reduce band one size if adjusting doesn't work. When trying on bras make sure the band fits level and isn't too tight when you use the center hook.
Straps leave marks. Loosen straps slightly. If adjusting doesn't work, you need a more supportive bra. Avoid demicups. Buy full cup bras designed to support or minimize. Fuller busted women should consider some of our Rigby and Peller,Fantasie of England and Chantelle lines. These brands run up to G cups without sacrificing style. A must have for our plus size customer.
Breasts spill out the sides of a bra. Increase the cup size. Try full cup bras.
Fabric isn't smooth across bust. Extra material or wrinkles are caused by too large a cup size. Reduce cup by one size. Try microfiber instead of lace when seamless is required.
Want a stylish panty with more coverage than a thong but less coverage than a traditional brief. Try either a brazilian tanga or lace boyshort. Our collection provides a number of lace boylegs which offer full coverage a retro look and comfort for your wedding day.
Try a sexy tanga; the perfect alternative to G-strings and thongs.
Panty lines. Wear Thongs!! Try our Commando line for a truly seamless look under your sheath. For one of the most stylish and comfortable thongs, try Hanky Panky. Hanky Panky is the choice among Hollywood celebrities because they are virtually undetectable under the most form fitting fashions. For women who are interested in the seamfree look without wearing a thong, the Italian brief or boy short will also work.
Not sure what to wear under your gown. Contact the store for a free consultation. One of our fitters can help you get the right wedding day undergarments for you dress style, fabric and size. Call us toll free at 1-86-578-8346 or 617-266-3378 in the Boston area. Call us toll free at 1-86-578-8346 or 617-266-3378 in the Boston area.

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